Let me design your logo!

Need a custom designed logo for your start up business or organisation? Boost your visibility NOW! The logos I design embodies key messages and goals of your organisation which will attract the attention of people. I tend to ask a lot of questions before starting with the design of YOUR logo. In that way I can guarantee the best results. Click here to email me for any request.

“Every succesfull company started with a well conceived logo”

An “eye catching” logo has the benefit of attracting people’s attention. More importanly, you want your company/organisation to address and intrigue the viewer. People, nowadays, feel very distant from the companies they interact with. Well designed logos tend to bridge that gap. Having a logo with a meaning behind will pleasure the eye and result in a first good impression compared to a random generated logo that is no more than a name in a fancy looking font. The following link addresses the importance of hidden messages behind 50 world recognisable logos.

“Your logo, how you want it!”

You can find some examples of logos I make here.

Contact me at Qlogos@hotmail.com for any request.